A Cornish Business Improvement District (BID) is attempting to help businesses in its area 'manage' crime with the introduction of new tech.

Truro BID announced on Monday (June 14) that it would be launching a new online system designed to help reduce anti-social behaviour and allow businesses to 'manage' low-level crime.

The system, which is called DISC, is an online crime reporting system that functions through an app as well as on desktops.

In Truro, both national and independent businesses are part of a Shopwatch group who already share local knowledge about ASB and low-level crime.

Truro BID currently facilitates monthly Shopwatch group meetings which are also attended by the police and other partners, including Cornwall Council.

The supposed benefit of the DISC scheme is that it will enable partners to work with Truro Shopwatch more efficiently to deliver an improved communication network to support the business community.

Members of the Truro DISC community can also share information about alleged offenders, so that their customers, colleagues and property can be protected.

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As well as improved communication, the new Truro Shopwatch DISC group scheme also involves business giving a significant amount of information, and intelligence, which it is hoped will help provide more evidence to enable a prosecution.

Alun Jones, Truro BID Manager said: "We work closely with the city centre businesses and the Truro Shopwatch group and over the years we have built up a solid relationship with them.

"Due to working together we have all become accustomed with many current offenders and that can be useful when it comes to preventing crime.

"Truro BID are glad to support the DISC system, as it is GDPR UK compliant and we hope will share details of criminal incidents and offenders as possible, to support the Devon and Cornwall Police in gathering evidence for prosecution."

Truro BID also hopes that, in the near future, the DISC data will also be directly shared with Devon and Cornwall Police.

For the time being, businesses will still need to report information to the police as well as on DISC.