A Penzance primary school is helping ducks to find somewhere to bathe with help from a recent material donation.

Gulval School has recently built a new space for their ducks thanks to a donation of materials from the Penzance branch of RGB Building Supplies.

The space includes a walkway that leads up to a bath where the ducks can enjoy a dip. RGB donated all the materials needed, which included artificial grass, concrete blocks, timber and aggregates.

In addition to the ducks, Gulval School also takes care of a number of animals, including goats, rabbits, chickens and a school dog named Eddie.

Falmouth Packet: The duck area being built. The duck area being built.

According to the school, having animals to take care of ties in with the school's curriculum of supporting the emotional and social needs of pupils, as its believes pets can encourage learning, especially in reading, communication, observation and speaking.

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Paul Baker, Headteacher at Gulval School, said: "Our school was named as the first Thrive School of Excellence in England for the strong focus we put on well-being and adventure learning and creating an environment in which our pupils’ mental health and happiness can flourish.

Falmouth Packet: Curiosity has got the better of these ducks.Curiosity has got the better of these ducks.

"Our farm plays a major role in this.

"Caring for our animals builds a sense of responsibility in children and helps develop empathy and an increased awareness of the needs and feelings of others.

"It’s fantastic to see local businesses like RGB Building Supplies recognising what we are doing and supporting us.

Falmouth Packet: Two of the ducks having a quacking time.Two of the ducks having a quacking time.

"Thank you to the Penzance branch for the donation of materials – they were extremely gratefully received."

Richard Jayne, Branch Manager at RGB Penzance, added: "We were impressed with how Gulval School are using their farm to improve learning and support their pupils’ well-being, and were delighted to donate the materials to create an area for their ducks – it looks fantastic."