THE Tory MP for Falmouth and Truro has accused former Lib Dem MP Andrew George of 'scaremongering' after he linked the current spike in Covid cases to the G7 summit.

Cherilyn Mackrory made the accusation after Mr George claimed that the correlation between G7 and the 'tsunami' of covid case-load in St Ives/Carbis Bay and Falmouth was undeniable.


Young people are to blame for Covid spikes, not the G7 summit says health chief

But citing Cornwall Council’s Public Health Chief Dr Ruth Goldstein, Mrs Mackrory said that current data shows that the increase in COVID cases in Cornwall was not linked to the G7 summit and accused Mr George of scaremongering.

Posting on Facebook she said: "Despite assumptions and scaremongering circulating on social media, Cornwall Council’s Public Health Chief Dr Ruth Goldstein has today confirmed that she “cannot find a direct, definitive link to G7” in the rise of COVID cases in Cornwall.

"Dr Goldstein has confirmed the Delta variant is much more transmissible and is responsible for the increase. There was a rigorous testing regime in place for everyone involved in the G7, whereby a negative test was required each day, before, during and after for all those involved.

"Current scaremongering is being spearheaded by an ex Lib Dem MP in Cornwall who is basing his comments on assumptions. Assumptions do nothing but scaremonger. We have the facts from health professionals in Cornwall, why try and pedal any other narrative?

"This is not about politics, it’s about facts. These facts are coming from health professionals, not elected representatives."

She said her comments were base on on COVID data as of yesterday (June 21).

"Please remember, if you are showing any symptoms please do get tested," she said.

"Lastly, thank you to all front line staff involved in the testing and vaccination programmes locally, as well as to everyone who is continuing to play their part."