Helston Town Council has announced road works will be undertaken this week in residential areas of the town, leading to closures. 

The town council announced the works, which will be done by Cormac on behalf of Cornwall Council, in a post on its social media and stated the works would start on Monday this week (June 21) and continue until next Monday (June 28) - although the road closure notice is in place until July 11 if needed. 

The sites being resurfaced are as follows:

  • W629 Tremenheere, Helston – Monday 21/06/21 – Road Closure.
  • W630 Manor Way, Helston – Tuesday 22/06/2021 – Road Closure.
  • W629 Tremenheere, Helston – Surface Seal – Sun 27/06/2021 and Mon 28/06/2021 – Road Closure.
  • W630 Manor Way, Helston – Surface Seal – Sun 27/06/2021 and Mon 28/06/2021 – Road Closure.

Manor Close is also listed on the Cornwall Council website as undergoing work. 

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Cornwall Council has explained more about the process of what is happening. 

Surfacing works tend to take place between April and September due to the need for warmer weather to help ensure the dressings become established.

Unfortunately, this type of works can only take place during the day as the process relies upon the evaporation of the binder (glue) for it to set.

Surface water dilutes the bitumen used and causes the chippings to not be held in place.

Surface dressing seals the road and prevents water from entering the structure of the road, which can lead to long-term damage to the road surface, particularly in freezing or thawing conditions.

The surface dressing also helps to increase the skid resistance of roads that would otherwise be functionally sound as well as reducing spray in wet conditions.

The process also has a much lower carbon footprint to a complete resurfacing job and minimises the amount of aggregate used, the council said.