We, the councillors of Falmouth Town Council and Falmouth councillors on Cornwall Council, request immediate assistance from Public Health England, Government and Cornwall Council to support us and the town of Falmouth to get on top of this spike.

We have met with Public Health and concluded that the following measures will help bring the rate under control more quickly. We therefore request:

The urgent provision and distribution of more tests or surge testing so that more than twice weekly testing can be undertaken in the affected industries – particularly hospitality.

A temporary walk-in vaccination centre in Falmouth to be immediately provided to encourage vaccination amongst the younger, unvaccinated Falmouth residents who may not have access to a car and will struggle to get to other vaccination centres.

Extra financial support for affected businesses and workers in the town.

Help with local and specific communications targeted towards those in the unvaccinated groups to encourage and assist them with why, where and how to get vaccinated.

The quicker action is taken, the fewer people will be infected and the faster our town will recover, both physically and economically.

Yours faithfully,

The Mayor, Deputy Mayor and the Councillors for Falmouth