A Helston-based environment group is holding a five-day 'eco-tour' from next week.

Helston Footprints, who launched in January 2021 with the aim of helping local residents to understand and reduce their carbon footprints, will be putting on five days of eco-action for people who are feeling eco-anxiety but aren't sure where to start in dealing with it.

From July 12 until July 16, the group will be showing attendees how they can take action to reduce their carbon footprints and help combat climate change.

The group said: "On each of the five days there will be an easy eco action, specifically designed to have maximum impact on your carbon footprint in the minimum amount of time."

The group have also teamed up with Jen Gale from Sustainable(ish).

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Jen describes herself as an ‘ordinary knackered mum of two’ and is the best selling author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide and the founder of the ‘Sustainable(ish)’ – an online community all about imperfect eco action.

Jen said: "The best thing about each of the Eco Tours was seeing people come together to take action around such a big and overwhelming issue, supporting each other, and dare I say it, even having a bit of fun and a distraction from the monotony and strains of lockdown."

Helston Footprints are also working with GIKI Zero, a data-led carbon calculator, in an effort to set a new world record for the most people pledging climate action in one month.

According to the group, progress has already been made with the people already signed up working to save over 30 tonnes of carbon, which they say is the equivalent of reducing carbon emissions by 100,000 car miles.

For more information on the event or to sign up, visit the Helston Climate Action Group's Facebook page: facebook.com/helstonclimateactiongroup