Dog walkers in Falmouth have put out a warning after mysterious pellets, thought to be rat poison, were found in Tregoniggie Woodland

The warning was posted on social media by a local woman who had been walking her dog in the area when the pair found what appeared to them to be a pile of mice or rat poison.

Having taken her pet to the vet to be examined, the dog walker then posted about the experience on her social media page.

The warning post said: "Warning for Falmouth dog owners.

"I was walking Lugo in Tregoniggie woodland this morning, he was off lead and walking a couple of metres ahead of me, when I noticed him sniffing around something on the ground.

"When I got closer I realised it appeared to be a pile of mice/rat poison.

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"I collected all the pellets I could find in a bag, but please be careful if you're walking in the area in case they're scattered elsewhere.

"If you know the woodland well, they were near the bench on the top path, closest to the industrial estate entrance.

"I took Lugo to the vets straight away, and they agreed the pellets were likely to be poisonous.

"They had to make him sick as I couldn't be 100% sure he hadn't eaten any.

"I'm really annoyed and upset that somebody could have let poison on the ground deliberately, to hurt a dog.

"Please please be careful if you're walking your pup off lead in the area and share this with any local dog owners that you know.

"Thank you."

Devon and Cornwall Police and Cornwall Council have been contacted for comment.