A former Cornish police officer and "Twitter cop" has released his second book after previously releasing an autobiography.

Cornishman Harry Tangye joined Devon and Cornwall Police as a Special Constable and then as a full time regular police officer at the age of 24 where he served for 30 years living his dream as a firearms, traffic and VIP protection sergeant.

Tangye retired in April 2020 and has since turned his hand to writing.

He is now an accomplished author, public speaker, police consultant and has just finished working on the G7 Summit for world leaders held in his home county of Cornwall.

The 52-year-old wrote a best-selling autobiography titled ‘Firearms and Fatals’ which portrayed the past 30 years living and being brought up in Cornwall whilst, then delving into the 30 following years policing in the two counties.

The author’s second book, his first attempt at a novel titled The Cornish Scoop, is based on true crime events witnessed by Sergeant Tangye and has been released in paperback and on Kindle.

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The book has been described as "perfect for that staycation summer holiday bookworm and for anyone who loves Cornwall, or remembers visiting in the Summer holidays as a child."

The novel is set in the early '90's, and the plot is follows Treavey as a 24-year-old uniformed police constable just starting his shift at his new station at the stunningly beautiful North Cornish sea-side town, but only a few days in, he realises the locals are dropping like flies because of the vast supply of cheap drugs in the town.

But how are they getting in, and who's behind it all?

In the book, Treavey is policing the everyday problems which holiday makers bring down with them and more, and that includes drug gangs, road death, car pursuits along the cliffs, shipwrecks and plane crashes along with air sea rescues involving helicopters and lifeboats, and searching for vulnerable dementia sufferers who wonder out into a cliff top storm at night.

Like his previous ‘non-fiction’ book, the author investigates the human side of all involved to bring out the richness of emotions which naturally follow the story and bring out the nostalgia and memories from those who have previously experienced Cornwall.