Grandmother Sheila Martin from has shaved off her lockdown hair to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Speaking to the Packet she explained the reasoning behind the shave.

Sheila, from Mawnan Smith, said: "My son died three years ago of pancreatic cancer and with lockdown I hadn't cut my hair, and I thought why throw it away?

"Maybe you could get wigs made with it, but they aren't interested in grey hair anyway! I thought if we get £1,000 I will shave my head."

Ms Martin's granddaughter is also having her long ponytail cut off and wants to give it to help little girls who have cancer and lose their hair.

The response to the fundraiser was phenomenal, in just 24 hours they had surpassed their initial target raising £1,100.

As of this morning, the day of the cut, the figure stood at £2,090 and Sheila estimates that along with charity raffles that her and her family created they must be around the £2,300 mark.

Ms Martin explained how she was anxious in the minutes before the big moment but felt relieved once it had been complete.

She said: "I was very nervous first thing this morning going down to have it but once I've had it done then it was okay... everyone has said I look younger!"

Click here to can follow the progress of the fundraiser or to donate to it. 

Pancreatic Cancer UK is a charity that sits at the heart of a community of people with personal and professional experience of pancreatic cancer.