Travellers have moved from land in Falmouth after setting up camp there last weekend.

It is after Cornwall Council was granted a court order yesterday (Friday), which was served on the unauthorised encampment the same day, giving the group 24 hours to vacate the ‘Hornworks’ site, which in the shadow of Pendennis Castle.

This morning the site is empty again, save from some discarded rubbish left behind.

Volunteers have gone up to the land this morning armed with gloves and black bin bags, to clear the rubbish and return the site back to grassland again.

Richard Heane is among them, and sent these pictures to the Packet of the vacated land.

Falmouth Packet:

Volunteer Richard Heane is at the site cleaning the remaining rubbish this morning

The caravans and vans drove onto the field above the Ships and Castles car park last weekend.

They appeared to have removed wooden posts at the entrance to gain access to the site, which is owned by Cornwall Council and is often leased by English Heritage for events.

The area is known as the Hornworks, which are a set of earthworks crossing the neck of the peninsular to the north-west of Pendennis Castle.

Cornwall councillor for the area, Laurie Magowan, said the county council and the police had been up to the site on Monday to access the situation, as part of its process to check on health, welfare and educational needs.

When the Packet visited the site on Monday there were three caravan homes and vans as well as other structures and a spaniel dog in a small kennel.

Falmouth Packet:

The site earlier this week

The number increased on Tuesday, before Cornwall Council issued a Direction to Leave to the travellers.

This required them to vacate the site by 10am on Wednesday.

However, it was not until the court order was obtained on Friday that the travellers moved on.

In a statement confirming the action, Cornwall Council added: "Plans were already in place to install boulders at the site, and this will progress once the area is clear."