RESIDENTS living on a Falmouth road have accused Cornwall Council of going back on an agreement to remove double yellow lines at a road junction which would have allowed them more space to park.

Residents say that two years ago Cornwall Council had agreed to look at removing the double yellow lines on Acacia Road opposite its junction with Laburnum Drive, but last week were told that following an objection from OTS, the company that runs the hopper bus which uses the route, the lines would not be removed.

Falmouth Packet:

The offending yellow lines opposite the junction with Laburnum Road

Cllr Dave Saunby told the Packet: "There is very limited parking on Acacia and Oakfied Roads, and in my view the double yellow opposite Laburnum Drive junction, serve very little purpose, because traffic flows on Acacia Road in both directions are very light, averaging about one vehicle a minute, following a recent survey, and any hold ups to allow vehicles to pass each other on this section of road are very few and far between, and usually only lasting a few seconds.

"The lifting of the yellow lines, would allow an extra six to seven cars to park on Acacia Road, where parking is a big problem for the residents.

"It was suggested at the meeting that the shortening of the double yellow lines on this section by a few meters could be a compromise to help with residents parking issues, which have been strongly rejected by the residents.

"Sometimes in life, common sense has to prevail over what it says in rule books regarding highway issues, which the Cormac officers are sticking to, which disappoints me greatly, over a problem which does not really exist regarding traffic flows on this section of road, and that in my opinion the bus company's objection to the lifting of the lines really carries no weight, where any hold-ups are very few and far between."

After going through stages with the Community Network Panel in 2020 to request the removal of the double yellow lines opposite the Laburnum Drive junction, it was agreed that the order would be funded through the group TRO (traffic regulation orders).

It was then was signed off by the former portfolio holder on Cornwall Council for Highways but this scheme has now been abandoned in the final stages of implementing because of objections by the bus company that go through the Trescobeas Estate.

A Cormac spokesperson wrote to residents informing them of the decision. He said: "I would advise that there is no public right to park on the highway, only to pass and re-pass, therefore as a highway authority our priority is to ensure traffic flows are unobstructed and highway users can pass and re-pass in line with common law rights. Please rest assured due process will be followed."

Falmouth Packet:

Since the decision was made, residents say that Civil Enforcement Officers have appeared on the road and have been placing tickets on cars.


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On Thursday, Shelley Woods told the Packet: "This morning not even 24 hours later a traffic warden came along at 7am and put tickets on people's cars, one family nursing a sick relative. David Saunby is trying to fight our corner. The law is above taking into consideration residents needs and common sense. But we now know we have no say."

Another resident Beverley Church says she has a nurse come to her who can never find anywhere to park. She says neither can her children and grandchildren.

"My husband and I don’t own a vehicle. My grandchild popped in with some flowers for me. Within a couple of minutes there was a parking ticket on his car, dear of him."

A 160 signed petition by the residents has been submitted to Cormac not to abandon the plans to remove the double yellow lines on the short section of road opposite the Laburnum Road junction.

Cllr Saunby says the next steps will be to go back to the Community Net Work Panel, because it is viewed by many of the residents on Acacia and Oakfied Roads, that a one-way system would help greatly to keep traffic flows moving where passing places are very limited, and other pinch points on the estate.