This week's Packet Camera Club is a bumper edition with even more of our member's pictures from across Cornwall.

And who doesn't need a bumper pack of public photography after the week it's been!

From Gareth Southgate's England squad crashing out of the Euro 2020 final on penalties to the shameful torrent of racist abuse suffered by several players afterwards, this week has most certainly had its highs and lows.

With all this going on, our Packet Camera Club members have all managed to find the time to share with us some of the images they've been capturing on their travels in Cornwall.

Honourably mentioned this week is Marcus Jose for his out of this world picture of the Milky Way galaxy at Miners Dry at South Wheal Frances in which both Jupiter and Saturn can also be seen.

Also getting an honourable mention this week is Sharon Bawden for her show of support and Emma Hayman for her snap of what looks to be a very special pup.

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