A Cornish choir who galvanised support from around the world with its Sing2G7 programme has raised thousands for a global vaccine campaign.

Truro Cathedral choristers have raised £8,434 for Unicef’s VaccinAid appeal as part of the Sing2G7 project they led in which they and tens of thousands of singers around the world sung the song 'Gee Seven' to leaders at the summit earlier this year.

In total over 27,000 children in 31 countries worldwide signed up to sing the Gee Seven song, specially written for the project by Sir Tim Rice and Peter Hobbs.

The choristers became aware of how vulnerable to Covid-19 many of their fellow young singers around the world were, and the Sing2G7 VaccinAid appeal began as a practical expression of the last two lines of the song: Gee Seven – don’t forget the not so fortunate, Gee -Seven – or we’ll run you out of town.

Falmouth Packet: Truro Cathedral Choristers reveal what their efforts have generated. Picture: Chris YacoubianTruro Cathedral Choristers reveal what their efforts have generated. Picture: Chris Yacoubian


The VaccinAid fundraiser has closed now and the choristers raised well over their initial £5,000 target.

The children's efforts have not gone unnoticed, with even a former Prime Minister singing their praises.

UN Global Ambassador and former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said: "It’s moving to see the Truro Cathedral Choristers determined to make a difference and leading in this way on the vital issue of Vaccines for All.

Falmouth Packet: A map of participant locations for the Sing2G7 campaign. Picture: Chris Yacoubian.A map of participant locations for the Sing2G7 campaign. Picture: Chris Yacoubian.

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"With 25,000 young voices in their global Sing2G7 chorus, already learning the wonderful 'Gee Seven' song this courageous pre-Z generation is working so hard and harmoniously across international boundaries and timelines to share their vision for how their world is run.

"With their words “Don't forget the not so fortunate” they sing truth to the powerful."

Roger Bush, Dean of Truro, said: "I’m very proud of our choristers.

"It’s a significant sum they’ve raised for VaccinAid, that really will make a concrete difference in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Falmouth Packet: Truro Cathedral Choristers celebrate their success. Picture Chris YacoubianTruro Cathedral Choristers celebrate their success. Picture Chris Yacoubian

"This is a very practical way of loving our neighbour and I’d like to thank everyone who supported the choristers in doing just that."

Esme Page, co-founder of the Sing2G7 said: "They’ve worked so hard this year in really difficult circumstances and have shared their music so widely, which has brought a lot of much-needed joy to children and adults in Cornwall but also all round the world.

"They’ve been great ambassadors for Cornwall too and I think Cornwall can be really proud of what they’ve achieved - both with the Sing2G7 programme and with the fundraising for Unicef’s VaccinAid appeal which grew out of the contact with all the singers around the world, some of whose families are facing such scary Covid situations completely unprotected.

"They’ve really taken Greta Thunberg's words to heart, ’No one is too small to make a difference’ to heart and have used their musical talents to put that into practice."

While the Sing2G7 appeal has now ended, you can still donate to Unicef’s overall VaccinAid appeal via Crowdfunder: crowdfunder.co.uk/unicef