A student from a school in Falmouth has set herself a fundraising challenge in an effort to raise money for charity with the help of a furry friend.

Falmouth School pupil Rita is looking to raise money for an assistance dog charity by doing a sponsored walk of her school's IT corridor with the help of her therapy dog, Maui.

The challenge has the team of Rita, who uses a wheelchair day to day, and Maui looking to conquer 1000 metres of the proposed corridor, which would more than double Rita's current personal best of 400 metres.

The Packet caught up with Rita during the opening of a new sensory garden, which saw Falmouth mayor Steve Eva cutting the ribbon of the student-designed outside space.

Rita told The Packet: "I'm going to walk the IT Corridor at School and I'm doing it with the therapy doggo.

"It's 1000 metres and Mrs Brooker came up with it.

"We're doubling it and adding 200.

Falmouth Packet: Rita and therapy doggo Maui.Rita and therapy doggo Maui.

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Rita has also been doing daily training with Maui's help and walks with her tiger walker as a frame during the training sessions which is also kitted out with a seat so that Rita has somewhere to rest along the way.

"We've got a frame that I can hold on to and we see how many laps I can get.

"We're training really hard.

"We did six yesterday (July 9).

When asked whether Maui was a good training partner, Rita had nothing but praise for her canine companion

"Yes! Maui is!"

Rita has been with Maui the therapy dog since February when the pair were first introduced during lockdown and is confident that they'll both be able to complete the task ahead.

"Mrs Brooker asked 'do you think you'll be able to do it?' and I said 'yes! I know I will!

"There'll be no relaxing from me on the day!"