With Cornwall's only emergency department expecting to be particularly busy this weekend, one of its doctors has recorded a video message.

It's as a mini heatwave is predicted to hit the Duchy, with

The Royal Cornwall Hospital said it predicted the weekend would be "a really busy time in our emergency department".

As a result, Dr Andy Virr has recorded advice for people to stay 'sun safe', in a bid to avoid people needing to visit the department or be admitted to the hospital, and to reduce pressure on the hospital, ambulance and GP services.

Dr Virr said: "The sun has got his hat on this weekend in Cornwall and that's obviously great for us, it's great for our visitors who can enjoy being out on our beaches. But it's also really important we stay safe and stay 'sun safe'.

"If you're outside pop on a hat, keep covered with a T-shirt, use sun cream, but also stay well hydrated. That's particularly important if you're elderly and at home and it's getting very hot. Dehydration will make you more likely to have a fall, have a dizzy spell and you may end up here in our emergency department.

"We want to keep you enjoying the sun in your own home, so this sunny period why not keep well hydrated, drink plenty of fluids, stay safe and enjoy the great weather."