With today marking the first day in which Covid-19 restrictions are no longer in full effect, people and businesses in Falmouth are now free to enter establishments without face masks as well as put on events at full capacity.

As of today (19 July) social distancing and facial coverings are no longer legal requirements and it is down to both individuals and businesses as to whether they want to follow or enforce these restrictions.

Adem Yezici, who runs fish and chip shop Salt & Vinegar on Market Strand in Falmouth told The Packet that he would still be wanting staff to wear masks for the time being.

Adem said: "So far it seems good, people are coming in to eat and they're happy, so it's good.

"We'll still be carrying on with face masks for our staff for a couple of weeks.

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"There's lots of cases in the town so we don't want to get rid of all the rules just yet."

Echoing this sentiment was Simon Clark, who runs the popular eatery IndiDog with his wife Vanessa, who said the business had stuck with its 'cautious, mindful dining' policy.

Simon said: "We're playing it cautiously, cautious, mindful dining is what we call it.

"Our policy is to still ask people to have masked on when they're stood up indoors, our social distancing will remain the same for the foreseeable future to protect our young workforce.

"Our staff are all wearing masks and we're asking customers too as well and today people have been good.

"They're coming with masks, they're respecting the policy and as soon as they sit down it's back to normal."

Across Cornwall, other businesses are also choosing to ignore the so-called 'Freedom Day' and continue to have measures in place to protect staff and customers.