This week's Packet Camera Club arrives after an absolute scorcher of a week!

The first ever extreme heat weather warning was issued for parts of the South West this week and this saturation of sunlight has seen Camera Club members getting up early and capturing some absolutely stunning sunrises and coastal scenes.

With summer finally having arrived, the Packet Camera Club contributors have been out and about enjoying the sun and capturing images of Cornwall's dynamic landscapes and varied wildlife.

Featuring in our collection this week are a couple of dolphins swimming with porpoise, summer sunrises, reflections in the sea and a close up of our nearest celestial neighbour.

Honourable mentiones this week go to Regina Griffiths for capturing what appears to be an aquatic high-speed chase with her action shot of two dolphins (porpoises?) swimming together.

David O'Neill also gets an honourable mention for his out of this world image of the moon in which the crater-covered lunar service can clearly be seen.

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