Young footballers in Redruth are said to be devastated after an unauthorised encampment moved on to their football ground.

The group, which allegedly consist of around 30 caravans, reportedly gained access to Redruth United Football Club at Clijah Croft overnight on Tuesday.

This evening (Thurs July 22) would usually be one of the occasions in which young teams of football players gather to train at the ground in Redruth, however, many have awoken to the news that this may not be possible.

Nick Perry, a parent of one of the children who would have been attending the training session, has urged the local Council to get the situation sorted as quickly as possible.

Nick said: "My 11 year old son is devastated to be told this news.

"After two very difficult lock downs, he and all other young developing players at Redruth United were back up and running and enjoying their football.

"So many dedicated, hard working people at the club freely give their time and energy to see young people develop and blossom playing a game they love.

"Weekly training is vital for player development and for match preparation, which over the last few weeks Redruth's ground at Clijah has hosted some really exciting friendlies against other terrific junior teams.

"The young teams today have woken to find football has been taken away from them yet again.

"Completely devastating for everyone involved.

"I sincerely hope that our local council will immediately do everything necessary to give our youngsters their football back, their teams back and will be defended and supported to return to training playing the sport they love, in the ground they love, for the club they love."

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Cornwall Council is currently dealing with around half a dozen unauthorised encampments around Cornwall and has reiterated the legal powers it has to move encampments on.

A spokesperson for Cornwall Council said: "The Council is currently dealing with around half a dozen unauthorised encampments around Cornwall.

"However, this picture is constantly changing as they move, split into smaller groups and sometimes regroup later.

"A group at Tregunnel, Newquay, was served with a court summons and has departed the site.

"An unauthorised encampment at Barrowfields, Newquay, was served with a court order to leave on Tuesday.

"A group has recently arrived at Clijah Croft, Redruth, and we visited the site to carry out a welfare, health and educational needs assessment on Wednesday.

"The Council is also aware of several encampments on land that is under private ownership, and in those circumstances it is up to the landowner as to any action they wish to take.

"Romany Gypsies and Irish Travellers are defined as minority ethnic groups under the Equalities Act 2010.

"As a result, any use of powers must be proportionate to the degree of crime and disorder, public safety and disruption to the community and must also take into consideration the welfare, health and educational needs of the travellers, who are a protected group under the Act.

"Local councils have a public sector equality duty.

"This means it can take a local authority longer to remove an unauthorised encampment than it does for a private landowner but, where appropriate, the Council uses its legal powers to move encampments on.

"We would encourage residents to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour to the police."

Devon and Cornwall Police have confirmed they visited the site on Wednesday July 21.

Redruth United FC have been contacted for comment.