Residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the state of parking in and around Penryn station.

Residents of Penryn have taken to social media to vent their frustrations regarding the parking situation in Penryn as multiple cars have been spotted parking in irresponsible and thoughtless locations.

Pictures emerged earlier today that show cars parked on and blocking pavements as well as on double yellow lines.

Several people then commented on the post claiming that this was for the council to deal with and how they'd seen people struggling to navigate the cars parked on the pavement.

One local man, who posted the pictures on his social media account stated: "Outstanding parking outside the train station this morning, even seen a young lass with a baby buggy struggling to get round, had to walk on the road.

"Very thoughtful."

Another lady commenting on the post alleged that it was visitors to the area staying at local lets who were to blame.

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She said: "The Sidings are let in the summer to visitors.

"The cars by Kernick on double yellows are staying here."

This isn't the first time that cars parking at the Kernick traffic lights have caught the attention of locals, with Penryn Town Council issuing a statement just over a week ago regarding similar issues.

In the statement, posted on its social media page, Penryn Town Council said: "We have received a number of complaints today, regarding the parking near the traffic lights on Kernick Road.

"We have forwarded the complaints on to Cornwall Council Highways, Cornwall Council Parking Enforcement, local police and the Cornwall Councillor Tamsyn Widdon.

"We received this reply from Cornwall Council Highways: 'Following concerns being raised by the former Cornwall Councillor, Mary May and Penryn Town Council, there are plans in place to consult on installing no waiting at any time double yellow lines in this location in September this year.

"'The likelihood being that if the proposal is successful at consultation, the lines will be installed prior to the end of the current financial year.

"You may wish to register with the Council’s consultation finder via the below link and register for notifications, so you are aware when the consultation goes live in due course.'"