This week's Packet Camera Club comes to you after the blistering temperatures of last week have subsided and the rain has cooled everything off.

Now that the air is a little clearer and the risk of sunburn not as great, our camera club submissions are seemingly taking full advantage of the recent respite from the heat.

This week has seen all sorts happen across Cornwall, from parking palavers in Penryn to amber weather warnings being issues for storm winds that could potentially reach up to 75mph!

Our Packet Camera Club members have, as always, been out and about snapping summer scenes and taking pictures of the various locations and wildlife their adventures have had them stumble across.

Special mentions this week go to Melanie Wilks for her stunning sunset snap of the Carn Brea monument, with the setting sun providing a spectacular backdrop.

Another honourable mention for this week's addition goes to Katie Linthwaite for her picture of Penryn, seemingly taken from altitude that manages to capture the harbour and surrounding area in all its glory.

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