A restaurant’s plans to demolish its current home and build a new venue with an apartment above have been rejected by councillors.

Hooked on the Beach had applied to Cornwall Council for planning permission to build a new restaurant at its current location in Swanpool Road, Falmouth.

However the council’s central sub-area planning committee voted to refuse planning permission as they felt that the modern design of the new building was out of keeping with the local area.

Falmouth Packet:

Falmouth Town Council had said that while redevelopment of the restaurant would be acceptable they were not happy with the design.

Town councillor John Spargo told the planning committee: “The design is not in keeping with the surrounding area, the massing is unacceptable.”

Cllr Spargo said that while there was support for a new building “it deserves a better design than this”.

He said that a “well designed building in this area could help the area” and added: “They seem to have designed a bunker rather than a seafront restaurant.”


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The town council was also concerned about the proposed apartment and said that if it was allowed then it should be linked to the restaurant and used by a manager or staff rather than as holiday accommodation.

Ben Wood, a planning consultant speaking on behalf of applicant Steve Shephard, said that the new building was required so that the restaurant could meet requirements in light of the covid pandemic.

He said that the current restaurant was not well suited for social distancing and they wanted to have more outdoor seating.

Mr Wood explained that in the summer season the restaurant was turning away 50 people a day. He said: “The current building is sub-standard and it also uses a lot of energy.”

One of the main objections to the plans was the proposed flat roof which councillors said was out of keeping with the area with surrounding buildings having pitched roofs.

However planning officers, who had recommended the plans for approval, said that a pitched roof would have meant the building would be a lot higher.

Falmouth Packet:

Planning committee chairman Alan Jewell said that he felt that a pitched roof could address many of the concerns about the design of the building.

He said: “There is nothing in keeping with that area at all. It is completely out of keeping with the area. It is a step too far.”

Some committee members had suggested that the application be deferred to give the applicants a chance to tweak the design and address the concerns.

However John Fitter, who proposed refusal, said he did not believe that would be appropriate: “There is too much wrong for it to be deferred.”

The application was refused with the committee voting seven in favour, one against and one abstention.