This week's Packet Camera Club is a bumper addition, meaning we're bringing you even more of our member's photos and imagery from around Cornwall.

Falmouth week officially kicked off this week and the town has been revelling in celebrations, from carnival parades to live music and much more.

On Saturday residents were even treated to an appearance from Cornish legend Betty Stogs, who, according to Cornish folktales, had a six-month-old baby but was too lazy and dissipated to care for it.

The neglected baby was therefore cared for by the fairies, who returned the baby clean and laid it upon a bed of moss.

So far, none of our members have managed to capture baby-cleaning fairies, but we at The Packet still live in hope that one day that photo will land in our inbox!

Honourable mentions this week go to Emma Hayman for her snap of three doggies having what appears to be an amazing time at the beach.

Also getting an honourable mention this week is Carl Plaister, who managed to save several garden-dwelling creatures from lawnmower doom.

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