A new tapestry of artwork will be hitting a gallery in Penzance

The works, curated by Jane Sand, are made up from six local artists, all of whom have different approaches to their work.

The artists involved are Sheila Slayter, Suzi Stephens, Huw Marshall, Rainbow Cottage, Sandra Lincoln and Jane Sand herself.

Jane Sand said: "When I paint landscape, I become so deeply immersed in it, emotionally and spiritually as well as physically that I almost become it and my intense concentration generates heightened awareness.

"I can’t maintain this for long so I paint very fast.

"I paint outside, on the spot, all year round and in all weathers."

Artist Sheila Slayter said: "I love flowers and have painted for many years."

Sheila describes how she suddenly gets a strange urge to create; she has a vague idea and just sits down and lets it emerge.

She doesn’t try to impose her will on the painting, she just allows it to flow.

Suzi Stephens paints delicate and sensitive land and seascapes.

Suzi said: "34 years and still painting!

"It’s the best and most exciting thing I do.

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"The sea, nature and the weather are my main subjects and I am especially inspired by the area of Pendeen which is where I live.

"It’s my passion.

"It’s got everything."

Huw Marshall creates huge, moody figure paintings or semi-abstracts.

His painting in this exhibition is a called “Night, Gathering.”

Huw said: "I paint to give myself an area of calm in what is a very turbulent world.

"I find I can achieve some peace when I work and the slow evolution of a painting as it progresses to completion gives me a small degree of satisfaction and a little hope for the future – a tiny glint of light in the darkness.

"I paint to remember; I paint to forget."

Rainbow Cottage said: "I am a very creative person who sees something, thinks what could I do with that and then it takes off from there."

She creates things because she enjoys it, it makes her happy and is good for her mental health.

Her emphasis in this exhibition is on recycled material.

Sandra Lincoln creates wildly original 'outsider' Art.

Sandra's view is that she likes to paint and create things because it makes her feel happy and finds it lovely to sell her art to those who enjoy it.

Her subjects can vary and she recently attempted to paint what or how she feels and this has brought out some strange results.

The exhibition runs from 24 to 28 August.

The gallery is open from 10:30am to 4:30pm.