A new brewery has opened up in Penryn that looks to put sustainability at the core of what it does.

The Lacuna Brewing Co. recently opened its doors at the Kernick Industrial Estate and is now looking to spread the word about its responsible and sustainably produced beers.

The brainchild of Ben Orhan and Tristan Hobbs, Lacuna Brewing Co. is currently a small brewery that produces hundreds of litres of beer, as opposed to the tens of thousands of litres the more established breweries in the area are able to pump out.

However, strategist and co-founder Ben Orhan wanted to ensure that their product was just right before the team started putting it in front of people.

Falmouth Packet: Lacuna Brewing Co is based at the Kernick Industrial Estate in PenrynLacuna Brewing Co is based at the Kernick Industrial Estate in Penryn

Ben told The Packet: "What we're trying to do is have sustainability at the heart of what we do, so we wanted to start at a level that allowed us to ensure that we're doing things in the most sustainable way possible.

"We'll be planting trees to offset any carbon that we can't remove, we're using an electric van, and we're not using any plastic packaging or single-use plastics within our own processes.

"We're really trying to be as responsible as possible, and from a brewing perspective we want to be as inclusive as possible.

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"What we've seen over the last few years is that brewers have become much more experimental and are trying to create the latest, unusual and most wonderful brews, and everything's got much more expensive.

"While we do want to brew the best beer that we can, we're starting with a range that is affordable and accessible to everyone.

"We're making sure that, with what we do, that we're using local ingredients and distributing to local shops at a fair price.

"We're very keen to get it out there and bring people to us.

"We've had our taproom open for a few weekends and people are coming through, but obviously we're keen to get the word out to as many people as possible.

Falmouth Packet: Lacuna's pale ale, IPA and lager offeringsLacuna's pale ale, IPA and lager offerings

"We're keen to demonstrate that you don't need loads of money or technical knowledge on carbon capture and storage to do what you can to be as sustainable as we all ultimately need to be.

Ben and Tristan met in a previous job in London and would often bond over their love of beer.

Tristan, who is originally from St Agnes, then went off to become a brewer in Mallorca and soon the conversation the two friends once had about starting their own brewery gradually became a reality.

For more information on Lacuna Brewing Co. visit: lacunabrewing.com