New water collection points have been set up for people who are still struggling with discoloured water today.

It follows "significant" damage to two main water pipes in Truro on Monday evening, which has had a far-reaching impact on homes in the TR1 to TR16 postcodes, as well as TR26 and TR27.

Affected areas include Perranporth, St Agnes, Goonhavern, Carnon Downs, parts of Redruth, and from Carland Cross to Trevu, with people in Indian Queens even reporting issues.

South West Water said this afternoon that many customers now had clear running water again, after engineers worked throughout the night between Monday and Tuesday to repair the first main, and continued through yesterday.

It confirmed this morning that the second main had now also been fixed, although it was aware some people might still have issues in TR16 regarding low pressure and no water, which engineers were investigating.

In an update at 2pm, the company said: "We’re pleased that many of our customers now have clear running water, following repairs to the severely damaged strategic water mains that supply the mid to west Cornwall area in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

"We’d like to apologise and thank those who are still experiencing discolouration for their patience and understanding.

"We know this is very inconvenient, and we want to reassure our customers that we’re doing everything possible to get supplies back to normal as quickly as possible.

"We need your help and we’re asking customers who have discoloured water to run their taps to help clear any remaining discolouration in their area."

South West Water engineers working on the damaged pipes on Monday night Picture: South West Water

South West Water engineers working on the damaged pipes on Monday night Picture: South West Water

Previously people had been asked not to run their taps, in order to help the pressure in the network build more quickly, and bring more customers back on to supply to flush toilets, but now the advice is to clear the discoloured water through.

For customers who still need an alternative water supply in the meantime, new water collection points have been set up at Asda in Hayle (TR27 4EP) and at Tregurra Park and Ride in Truro (TR1 1RH).

However, anyone unable to reach one, or who may be particularly vulnerable, can call the company on 0344 346 2020, with the company saying it would do its "very best" to deliver water.

Earlier the company said: "Our strategic water main which supplies the area was damaged Monday evening, by a third-party contractor. The extent of the damage is significant and complex, and our engineers have been working since to repair the pipes and return water to our customers.

"Despite working in difficult conditions, our teams did repair the first main around midnight Tuesday and many customers across the affected area, saw supplies begin to return through the night.

"We’re pleased to let you know that the second fix is complete too.

"Some customers may experience some discolouration. It is nothing to worry about. We understand that customers may not want to drink it, but if they do, it won’t cause any harm.

"When flow of water changes in our system, this can disturb any residue that forms a coating on our pipes, and this can lead to the water temporarily taking on a brown or orange appearance – but there is nothing to worry about.

"We understand that due to its appearance customers may not wish to use their supply and whilst we don’t recommend that you drink it, if you accidentally consume any it will not do you any harm.

"If you live in the area and you do have discoloured water, please run your taps clear."

Anyone on a water meter can claim a "run off allowance" at