Grab your lens and adjust your focus, it's time for this week's Packet Camera Club!

This week has seen both the return of cooler weather as well as the Cornwall tourist season ever so slightly begin to let up as kids and parents get ready for the start of the new school year.

As always, our ever-ready camera club members have been submitting us their images and photography to share and what a selection we have for you this week.

This week's collection includes three adorable doggies enjoying Cornwall's beaches, a stunning aerial shot of the coastline and a daylight sighting of a nocturnal mammal.

Honourably mentioned this week is Harry Sutherland for his incredible aerial shot of Pendennis Point, showcasing the dynamic landscape of the Duchy.

Also getting an honourable mention is Charlotte Jay for her postcard-perfect landscape shot of Port Isaac bathing in the sun.

Tomorrow (Sep 6) also marks the start of a new theme for this month's Packet Camera Club throughout September.

The new theme for September will be: Film and Book Titles - Show us what you've got!

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