A widespread search has been underway today in a bid to find a missing dog that has left his devoted owners "beside themselves with worry" and fearing he has been stolen.

Charlie, a pedigree German Wirehaired Pointer described as "a great big, seven stone bear of a dog" who is "super friendly," has been missing from Penryn since Tuesday this week (August 31).

His family is afraid that Charlie could have been stolen.

Friend Stephanie Croce is part of a group that has formed to help co-ordinate the search while Charlie is being looked for by his owner, who also runs a dog rescue charity.

She said: "His owner is a local lady who is absolutely devoted to him and beside herself with worry.

"Charlie went missing on August 31 from the Truro Hill area of Penryn, TR10, and as time goes on there is a strong possibility that he may have been stolen as he does not usually wander.

"He is not only a very much loved family member, he is also a pedigree German Wirehaired Pointer and could be extremely valuable."

Today (Saturday) has seen a co-ordinated search being carried out involving local people giving up their time to help.

All the local dog lost groups are involved and heat sensitive drones are also being used.

Local farmers have also given permission for their land to be accessed and are keeping a watch out whilst harvesting.

Anyone who thinks they may have seen Charlie either in person or a picture being offered online, can call 07377 426434.

In May the Government launched a Pet Theft Taskforce, followed by this month by a report that recommends making Pet Abduction a criminal offence in order to crack down on the reported rise in pets stolen during the pandemic.