It was the news that Helstonians at home and away had been waiting for – the first official indication that Flora Day WILL be happening next year.

While many had hoped, and the assumption was there, after the past two years of disappointment no one was taking it for granted.

And while anything could still happen in the next eight months, yesterday evening Helston Flora Day Association posted an official invitation to the world – and it caused great excitement.

A Facebook 'event' has been created for Saturday, May 7, 2022, showing that the association and stewards have every intention that next year will see the return of Helston's iconic event.

The association said: "In top hats and tails, bright-coloured gowns, and traditional white dresses, the people of Helston will dance the Furry Dance through the streets once more after a two-year break due to the pandemic."

Within hours more than 600 had said they would be, or were interested in, attending, with many leaving comments on delight.

The event always attracts thousands of people on the day, which traditionally would be May 8 but due to this falling on a Sunday in 2022 it will be held a day earlier on the Saturday.

It would be third time lucky for the event, after it had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the coronavirus lockdown and then again last year due to continued restrictions on large events.

As a result it would also be third time lucky for the lead sets of dancers in the Morning and Evening, and Midday, dances, who have seen their moment in the spotlight pass by for two years running.

Giles Clotworthy, Eileen McLoughlin, Christian Johns and Kristine Furneaux have been invited to lead the Midday Dance, while Mark Skewes, Michelle Skewes, Ross Yelland and Hayley Goodchild were named as the lead set in the 7am and 5pm dances.

The association has previously said that all couples with invitations to dance in 2020 will be invited again when Flora Day finally makes a return.

Helston Town Band gave those attending the Harvest Fair events over the weekend a special treat when they played that famous tune not once but twice, during a stop in the carnival outside the Guildhall and then again at the horticultural and craft show on Sunday, much to the delight of all those listening.