There was an air of Rhapsody in Falmouth yesterday with people going completely Ga Ga after a helicopter landed for a Seaside Rendezvous.

Spectators at a match at Falmouth Cricket Club went Stone Cold Crazy when a helicopter landed yesterday afternoon and the passengers were revealed to be Queen guitarist Brian May and his wife, former Eastenders actress Anita Dobson.

Falmouth Packet:

Mick Davidson managed to get this picture of Brian

Eyewitness Mick Davidson told the Packet he was at the club watching his son Connor play for Falmouth against Helston when he heard the helicopter behind the trees.

"I had no idea it was coming to land, to be honest, with it being so low and close I thought it was the air ambulance," he said.

"It came over the trees and was going land, last thing on my mind was taking a photo, it was coming down so close, all the grit and leaf debris was blown up and into my car, I had the roof down, so was a bit blinded by that and was being buffeted by the down draft. He landed and shut down. Was then obvious it wasn't the air ambulance.

"The pilot got out and opened the rear door to let his passengers out, no idea, initially, who it was because his back was to me, but I thought the hair looked like Brian May's.

"He turned round and was instantly recognisable, he helped Anita out and walked to the awaiting car, it was all over so quickly I had to search and log into my phone so made a bit of a pig's ear of the photos."

Falmouth Packet:

There was great excitement when the helicopter revealed its occupants. Picture Shelley Brown

For Mick, it was dream come true as Queen are one of his favourite groups.


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It is thought the rock superstar was in town for the marriage of Queen drummer Roger Taylors' daughter. Roger Taylor lives in a house on the Helford.

Packet Camera Club member Shelly Brown got pictures of the helicopter on the ground while Daniel O'Callaghan got a picture of it coming into land.

Unfortunately the day didn't end up with Falmouth singing We are the Champions as Helston won by 35 runs.