Several activists from Cornwall have taken part in an organised action to block a roundabout near Woking.

Six people from Cornwall were among those blocking the M25 today, as home insulation campaigners from Insulate Britain, brought traffic to a standstill.

The group stood in front of traffic and brought one direction of the M25 to a standstill.

Similar actions with participants from around the country took place throughout the South East and around the M25.

Insulate Britain says today’s disruption is just the start and that actions will continue until the government makes a meaningful commitment to insulate Britain’s 29 million leaky homes, which iyt claims are some of the oldest and most energy inefficient in Europe.

Insulate Britain spokesperson Nathaniel Squire, an Osteopath, aged 25 from Redruth said: "Insulating Britain’s homes is a simple step to take to decarbonise Britain.

"Not only is it a necessary step towards achieving the government's net zero targets but it also helps millions of vulnerable people in Britain.

"Working as a healthcare professional I know that many who struggle due to fuel poverty will only increase as the planet continues to warm unless we do something now.

"The Insulate Britain campaign is holding the government to account regarding their net zero targets."

The 25 year-old was taking part in the action alongside his 69 year-old retired father David Squire.

This action comes after a series of unprecedented floods, storms and wildfires wreaked havoc across the globe this summer and the latest UN climate report which has put the world on red-alert.

A group headed by Sir David King, ex-Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Government, says that there is now no carbon budget left to spend if we want to keep the global temperature rise below 1.5C.

Falmouth Packet: Several activists from Cornwall have taken part in an organised action to block a roundabout near Woking. Several activists from Cornwall have taken part in an organised action to block a roundabout near Woking.

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The UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has said that we will not meet our targets for reducing carbon emissions without a complete decarbonisation of Britain’s homes, something it says should be a national infrastructure priority.

Insulate Britain’s aims have also received widespread support from industry professionals including Benjamin Derbyshire, ex-president of the Royal Institute for British Architects (RIBA) and a commissioner for Historic England, who said: "Britain has the leakiest and poorest performing housing in Europe that contributes 20% of our total climate emissions.

"Instead of fiddling while Rome burns with a series of ill-thought through programmes, reliant on private investment and debt, Government needs to invest in a major programme of deep renovation for energy efficiency with measures to support the supply chain, hitherto endlessly messed around with by half-hearted and inconsistent subsidies.

"The cost benefits for health and well-being, unemployment, homelessness and delivery of a levelling-up programme, otherwise dependent on long term and grandiose transport projects, will pay back the investment amply."

Research from thinktank Onward has suggested that between 900,000 and 1.3 million new jobs could be created in low-carbon heating and energy efficiency if the government follows the Climate Change Committee’s carbon reduction recommendations.

Fuel poverty charity, National Energy Action (NEA) has pointed out that in our last ‘normal’ winter, 8,500 lives were lost because of cold and leaky homes.

Low incomes, high energy costs and poor heating and insulation all combined to leave them in conditions which were unfit to help them survive the cold weather.

Harry Barlow, a 25 year-old Solar Engineer from Falmouth said: "Although I actively chose a career in the renewable energy sector, I feel like I need to do more to prepare this country for the oncoming effects of climate change.

"I currently don’t feel like the government's efforts to combat climate change are enough.

"I’m taking part in this action because I believe the government must move faster on combating climate change and reducing CO2 emissions.

"Insulating homes is not only in line with Conservative party political promises but is an obvious easy win in the battle to reduce emissions."

Insulate Britain’s demands for the Prime Minister were delivered by hand to No. 10 Downing Street in mid-August, however it claims so far no-one in government has responded.