TORY MP Cherilyn Mackrory has admitted there is no easy solution to the housing crisis currently gripping Cornwall, including Falmouth.

Posting on Facebook, the Falmouth and Truro member of parliament said it was a very difficult situation after it was revealed that even returning students were finding it hard to find somewhere to live.

"This is a very difficult situation and Cornwall is absolutely facing a housing crisis," she said.

"A housing crisis that has not happened over night, but one exasperated by the pandemic. Properties and rooms that were available 12 months ago just simply are not any longer.

"I have been working closely with the two universities and there is no easy solution. While some students may not have accommodation to be able to stay in Cornwall, they will have homes to go back to.

"We must remember the very stark reality of the situation we face in Cornwall that, while there are some students with accommodation, there are Cornish families without a home. There is a huge amount of work going on to address this and we are facing up to the problem."


Deputy mayor reveals she was once homeless in debate over housing crisis motion

Last week Falmouth Town Council backed a motion from Labour councillor Jayne Kirkham declaring a housing emergency in Falmouth.

She told fellow councillors that it had been a "really, really" busy summer. "I have had more people come to me than ever before who have been made homeless, particularly this summer.

"It seems to be getting worse and worse and more and more upsetting. And issues with social care. Providers of home care have been pulling out of Cornwall and people have been dropping off the edge and losing the carers they rely on. Cornwall Council hasn't got anyone to send them.

"We really do seem to be at the edge in those two areas and it's forming a large part of the people who need to talk to me now."

Mrs Mackrory says the university has offered all the first-year students (freshers) a bed in university owned or managed accommodation this year.

Bu she says there are still challenges in the private rented sector locally which the university tells her are affecting a number of returning students or students who don’t wish to live in student halls.

"I have been assured that all students affected are being supported by the accommodation service as well as academic teams, where dedicated staff are helping individuals to find solutions locally where possible and ensuring they can continue their academic journey."

Last week returning student Annabel, 22, told BBC Radio Cornwall that she was having to look at living in a caravan park or a tent after her accommodation was turned into an Air B 'n' B. She said up to 100 other returning students were in the same position as her.

The problem in Falmouth is reflective of the current situation being experienced across Cornwall at the moment as a whole, but it is not exclusive to Cornwall.

Other university towns are also facing this issue whereby available housing stock is being exhausted by the UK holiday boom, the increase in holiday rentals as well as the demand for properties from people relocating.

And it has been stressed it is not the fault of the universities, which have not oversubscribed their courses.