A tribute act to one of the UK's biggest bands are coming to Redruth next weekend.

The Regal Theatre in Redruth will be lit up with a spectrum of colour when Coldplace hit the stage on Sunday September 19, from their postponed date of September last year.

Described as ‘worthy of a Glastonbury performance’ by the Dorset Echo, and thanked by Phil Harvey, Coldplay’s Co-Manager and Creative Director, who said: "Coldplace are pure quality.

"Thank you for flying the Coldplay flag."

Shane Crofts, lead singer of Coldplace, said: "We’ve been elated to be able to get back on tour and perform our full show to the crowds.

"There has been such a great buzz amongst the industry over the last couple of months, as we’re now allowed to do what we’ve been longing to for over a year now.”

Coldplace will be bringing their full show with lasers, confetti canons, video screens and of course the well-loved anthems, including some of the latest tracks from the band.

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To compliment the show, the audience will be invited to wear a Xyloband so they can be part of the show too.

The special wristbands light up in time with the music from the show, creating a colourful and electric atmosphere.

Shane continues: "We love the Xylobands, as it really brings the audience in as part of our show.

"Rest assured, they are fully sterilised after each show, so everything is completely safe.

"We can’t wait to see your arms lit up in the air helping us to create the perfect show."

Not only have Coldplace received great acclaim from the Coldplay band themselves, they were also asked for a cameo appearance in the Coldplay video, ‘Cry Cry Cry’.

Tickets cost £20.00.

To find out more or to buy tickets, visit: www.coldplace.co.uk.