PLANS have been lodged to build two four-bedroom homes on the site of a former quarry and dump overlooking Swanpool Lake.

H&H Developments have applied to build the two detached houses on the site off Swanpool Road where the stone to build many of Falmouth's municipal buildings was originally taken.

They are proposing to build two individually designed dwellings with finishes to help the buildings blend into the surrounding environment.

Falmouth Packet:

How the proposed homes would look. Images H&H Developments

They say the buildings will be a modern design sitting within the quarry and stepping backwards following the gradient of the land. Both properties will utilise the existing access off Swanpool Road.

The site which is below the cemetery and covered in trees was last used as a waste transfer station by the town council between 1980 and 2000.

The council, after storms and extreme weather, would clear Swanpool beach and leave the rubbish there prior to collection and the adjacent road of all debris (sand, rocks, seaweed, and everything else that got washed up) and transfer it to the former quarry, in readiness to be removed from site or buried.


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At the turn of the 19th century site was turned into a quarry to provide stone to build many of the municipal buildings in Falmouth's town centre, it remained a quarry for several decades afterwards.

Historic plans dated from 1906 through to 1939 show the site as a fully working quarry. After being redundant for a period it was put back into use by Falmouth Town Council as a dump from1960 to the late 70s. Huge quantities of glass bottles and other debris, have been buried there.

The site became surplus to requirements and subsequently abandoned by the council, left unmanaged for several years until 2012 when the site was put up for auction.

Two previous applications have been submitted for the site, one was for a development of six detached properties which was withdrawn, the second was for a development of three dwellings which received officer support but was refused by committee.

A landscape and visual appraisal report by Cornwall Environmental Consultants (CEC Ltd) says: "Due to the sensitivity of the site, and concerns of local residents, a fresh approach to the site has been evaluated."

"Issues raised in the previous applications have been taken into consideration and Cornwall Environmental Consultants were employed to carry out a full landscape and visual assessment leading to a reduced development plan, considering all aspects of the LVA."

Falmouth Packet:

A plan of where the proposed homes would fit. Picture H&H Developments

It concludes: "The proposed buildings are designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, something that hasn’t been achieved with other developments in the area.

"Care has been taken while designing the properties to safeguard the existing bat roost and protected trees on the site.

"The new development will create additional dwellings which Falmouth needs and will make good use of a currently undesirable site. We see no reason why the proposed development should not be granted permission."