Plans to install speed bumps in Flushing appear to have stalled after county highways performed a U-turn.

Approval was thought to have been given for the three speed bumps to be installed along St Peter's Road into the village.

But last week Mylor Parish Council was told by Cornwall Council Highways that the option and never been supported by them and it wasn't happening.

Local parish councillor John Symons says he can't understand why transport boss Phillip Desmond has suddenly reversed the decision.

"That's what parish council voted on and that was agreed by Geoff Brown old portfolio holder for transport," he said. "I don't know where he got the information from, that they don't support it.


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Mr Symons says the council is going to continue the fight to get the speed bumps installed and has sent all the evidence that it was given the go-ahead.

The speed bumps were originally approved to slow down traffic entering and leaving the village along St Peter's Road.

The fear is there would be an accident as traffic entering the village was forced onto the wrong side of the road because of cars parked on the left.

"Cars go out of the village travelling like hell," said Mr Symons. "Of course they run into you when your on the wrong side of the road."