Residents in Helston have been warning their neighbours after several people reported experiencing what they believed were intruders attempting to enter their property at night.

The warnings have been shared over social media after a number of people claim to have seen or heard people either acting suspiciously around their property or actively trying to enter it.

Nearly all of the incidents shared appear to have happened in the early hours of the morning.

One local woman reported that she believed someone had attempted to get into her garden on Falmouth Road in Helston at around 3:30am, before being scared off by a security light that activated.

She said: "Think we had an attempted intruder in the garden last night at 3.30am ish along Falmouth Road.

"They weren't particularly quiet and tried to get in through the locked gate and then jump over the fence at the other end of the house.

"They fled when the security lights came on and my brother-in-law went out to see.

"Keep everything locked up everyone.

"Proper creepy - hope they don't come back."

Soon after this update was published, other people in the area began to share their own experience, with one local man who lives near Falmouth Road in Helston saying he was startled enough by the experience he grabbed a knife before checking it out.

The man also referenced another post in which another resident reportedly shared a similar experience.

He said: "I thought the other night I heard someone in our garden to the point I grabbed a knife as was certain someone was in garden....

"Someone else posted the same as you yesterday too.

"I'm on Godolphin Road, which is walkable distance to Falmouth Road if someone shifty is about."

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Another local woman, who lived on the opposite side of the town, claimed someone had held her doorbell down at around 2am before coming back later and attempting to get in.

The woman said: "Someone held my door bell down last night at 2am then came back and tried to open our front door a number of times.

"Spoke to everyone I could possibly think of and now I know someone I don't know tried to come to my house last night."

Police have said they are appealing for witnesses while investigating an incident in the area in which they believe an attempted burglary took place at around midnight last Sunday (Sep 12).

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: "We are appealing for witnesses and anyone with information in connection with a report of what is believed to be an attempt burglary to a property in Meneage Road, Helston.

"This took place at approximately 5.10am on Sunday 12 September 2021.

"Damage was caused to a door, no entry was gained and no items were stolen.

"We ask for residents to be wary of this and secure doors and windows at all times.

"Anyone with information or CCTV in the area mentioned is asked to phone 101 or email quoting crime CR/07660/21.

"Please phone 999 if you believe a crime is taking place.

"Thank you."

The Packet has also contacted the police regarding the other alleged incidents.