CAMPAIGNERS have just one month to try and raise enough money to fund their 'Lollipop Lady' outside a central Falmouth school.

A Crowdfunder campaign has been launched by Sean Stratton to try and raise the £2,333 needed to fund the school crossing patrol outside King Charles Primary School.

The campaigners have been given one month's grace period by Cornwall Council run Cormac to raise enough money to keep Lollipop Lady Sue Johns in place for the coming academic year.

Cornwall councillor for the area Laurie Magowan has already contributed £1,000 of his Community Chest money to the campaign while £500 has been given by King Charles School PTA making a total of £1,500.

Campaigners have now turned Crowdfunder to try and raise the rest of the money needed.

"The last few weeks have seen some successes in keeping our lollipop lady with a fair dollop of help from our Arwenack Town and Cornwall councillor," said Mr Stratton.

"Cormac have granted us one month's grace period to raise enough money to keep our Lollipop Lady in place for the coming academic year.

"Plus £1,000 of Community Chest money has been given by our Cornwall Councillor, £500 by King Charles School PTA bringing us up to a total of £1,500 and now it's our turn to help keep our Lollipop Lady in place!

"Yes we need our Lollipop Lady for road safety and what parent doesn't breath a sigh of relief knowing she's there keeping an extra eye out for us often overwrought parents but more than that she is part of our community, always helping out not just with the crossing but also with a kind word and a smile brightening up the start and end of each day.

"I'm also left in no doubt that the children love seeing our lollipop lady at the crossing, adding in small way everyday to their school and life experiences.

"The deadline is tight but if you could add, even in a small way, to helping keep our lollipop lady in place for another year it would be very appreciated not by me or Sue our lollipop lady but by the whole community, making all our lives that little bit better.

"If any local businesses would like to make a contribute to this worthwhile cause we would be overjoyed and they can email me at

It was back in 2017 when funding was withdrawn for King Charles Primary School’s much loved lollipop lady Sue Johns.

Luckily for Sue, and the pupils she served, a generous private benefactor stepped in to cover her salary, allowing her to remain in post, whilst their child attended the school.

However, when that money ran out her position was threatened once again

Mr Stratton approached Falmouth Town Council’s finance and general purposes committee but was told it couldn't help.

He then decided to take matters into his own hands. A flurry of crowdfunding and leafleting ensued, and within days they had raised £110. Just a few weeks later this had grown to £765.

He began approaching local businesses about match funding - and then the pandemic hit.

It was looking all but impossible that the remaining capital could be raised in time, until a suggestion came from Cornwall Councillor Jayne Kirkham that he apply to Cornwall Council’s One Vision fund.

He did, and received a grant of £500. This, coupled with the money crowdfunded earlier in the year, meant that Cormac could renew Sue’s contract until summer 2021.

But now they need to fund Sue's services once again. You can find the Crowdfunder page at