This week Falmouth mayor has two weeks to catch up on with lost children and remembering 9/11, while deputy mayor Kirstie Edwards returns from her summer break.

Mayor Steve Eva

The fortnight started with another lost child aged ten who was found again within an hour with the help of Police, Pier Master, Town Council and CCTV.

Thursday the second was the opening of the Boscawwn open space which was the hard work of the friends of Boscawen Fields with financial backing from Lifestory.

That evening I visited the Falmouth & Penryn Sea Cadets which was an education on how well the branch is doing and as Covid conditions allow the more activities will increase.

Friday, September 3 I was invited to the Guildhall in St Ives for the Civic Service of Kirstie the new mayor a very nice night and a catch up with other mayors with plenty of stories of how Covid affected other towns. It is obvious all towns have and are suffering.

Saturday the fourth I was invited to open Swanvale’s new boardwalk and I must say how fantastic it is and those who have not been down to see it please do so.

In the evening I was at Bodmin to celebrate the the Freedom of the Town for the Rifles who Regiment has a long history with Bodmin once again a lovely evening and a great marching band. As an ex-serviceman I have always enjoyed a marching band.

Monday sixth brought our Planning and Full Council Meeting which due to high Covid numbers was by Zoom but hopefully the next meeting will be back around the table.

Friday ninth probably my most enjoyable evening was the Launch of Epic (Every Person Is Capable) Gigability which is a gig for veterans who may have disability or mental issues through National Service and a chance to meet others and enjoy some social time with others

Saturday eleventh I attended a service of remembrance of Rick Rescorla in Hayle who for those who do not know gave his life saving others from the Twin Towers in New York when the planes hit the World Trade Centre Building.

Rick, born and raised in Hayle was security in the World Trade Centre returned time after time to get others out and sadly went back in for once more when the building collapsed and Rick lost his life. I was honoured to lay a wreath on behalf of the Residents of Falmouth to such a brave man.

Last Sunday morning I was at the car park at Gyllyngvase to watch the start and finish of the Race For Life and must applaud those who took part as they remembered love ones lost to cancer.

The last two weeks I have had several meetings and my normal walkabouts to keep in contact to those work and have businesses in the town and it finally started to go quieter .

I meet up with the Pier Master once a week who offers me a cup of tea BUT I have to supply my own cup and milk but it’s the thought that counts! Thank you Chris King our Pier Master I do enjoy our chats

Deputy Mayor Kirstie Edwards

Wow- what a busy and beautiful summer we have had. I hope everyone had an opportunity to pause and enjoy Falmouth with family and friends? I lost count of the amount of swims and picnics we had!

Our feet hit the ground running once the holidays were over and I've already been here there and everywhere. I feel very privileged to be invited to celebrate many community achievements, and this last fortnight has been exceptional. We opened a new footpath and viewpoint including an accessible bench and wildflower patch, at Boscawen fields of the coast path. Then it was the turn of the Prislow woods team and their frankly epic new boardwalk. What wonderful additions to our town.

I spoke in my report to council last week, about the pride I feel being a Falmouth resident and how lucky we are to have so many passionate and dedicated volunteers. So many great people give their time to turn projects like these from crazy ideas- to actual real life things you can do and use! Thank you, each and every person that works hard to make our town the best place to live. I've walked the new boardwalk a number of times now and it really is a joy.

Myself and Mayor Steve also were invited to go to the new Georgia's Voice second hand boutique as it opened for the first time. We had both be watching it come together over the proceeding weeks into something quite special. Every time I have passed since, its been buzzing with people and it is also incredible to have a pre-loved shop, where you can see the direct community benefit of the proceeds on the doorstep. If you or anyone you know would like to access support through the local groups run by GV please go to

I've also been dealing with the usual casework- footpaths, buses, recreation grounds litter, whilst continuing to work on my ‘Falmouth Together’ project. I have had many meetings and input from all sorts of local support services and I can't wait to get us all through our police reporting training- we have ten councillors and staff already signed up! I really feel that we will be able to support and assist many residents through this scheme.

As you may have read, we also passed a housing motion last week and I spoke about my own experiences of the housing crisis. The driving force behind me standing for council, was always to use my many and varied challenging experiences for good. To take some of the hardest things I've been through and utilise what I have learnt to help others. I want every person in Falmouth to feel seen and valued, no matter who they are or where they are on their journey. It is terrifying to share my personal story publicly, but if it even helps one person to feel like they matter, then it's worth any unkindness I experience as a consequence.

As I have said many times before- we are all only one life changing diagnosis or event away from our whole lives changing. All sorts of things happen to people every day that change their paths- you never know what is going on behind the ‘Alright?’ ‘Yeah, you?’.

We, as a community are pretty damn awesome already and a bit of extra compassion and kindness to others really does go along away. It can change someone's day for the better-Remember that.

As always- stay safe- look after each other and be kind.