A CROWD FUNDER appeal has been launched to try and help buy a village woodland for the community after it was put up for auction.

The woodland adjoining Kea Community Centre, The Snooker Club, the play area and the skate park in Playing Place has come up for auction on September 30. The parish council says it is vital that the community comes together to secure its future.

"We don’t know what changes could come in planning law and in the wrong hands there is the possibility the public walkway could be removed, or the woodland could be developed in future," the council says on its Crowdfunder page.

"This space has been enjoyed by the community for over 20 years, but is now up for sale by auction on 30th September 2021.


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"Due to the importance of this situation the Parish Council agreed at their recent Extraordinary Meeting, with support of attending community members, that we must bring the woodland into Parish ownership to safeguard it. The Parish Council are committed to enhancing its accessibility and usability for the residents and visitors who enjoy it."

The land is currently privately owned and with the support of the community, Kea Parish Council wants to bid or privately purchase the woodland in order to continue to manage it on behalf of the community it represents.

"The Parish Council operates with a very limited budget. Much of this is already committed to vital projects that benefit the area. The Parish Council cannot afford to buy the woodland without your support. We recognise with the backing of residents who attended the recent Extraordinary Meeting, that many of our community are willing to stand up and make this happen. We feel it is important."

The council says it wants to save the land from unwanted development or alternative uses and preserve and enhance the current use of the land for the community.

It has set a target of £25,000 to cover all auction costs and hopes to exceed that amount. If the Parish is unsuccessful in buying the woodland the council says the money will be returned to the donors. If successful, any excess funds will be used for the maintenance, improvement, and enhancing the area to encourage wildlife.

"We will also proudly erect a sign on the woodland entrance stating the woodland has been purchased by the Parish with contributions from the public," it says

The deadline for donations is 11.59pm on September 29, 2021 to have enough funds for the auction deadline of September 30, 2021. You can find the Crowdfunder page here.