Concerns have been raised about the escalating costs for the proposed skatepark in Falmouth after it increased to around £1m.

At a meeting of Falmouth Town Council's finance and general purposes committee last night, councillors were told that although the skatepark costs as tendered by Maverick remain the same, basically £525k, the other costs were around the necessary landscaping, access road, car park and contingency requirements that pushes the overall cost up.

The total cost of construction at Dracaena was £525,000, drainage connections £7,000, incidentals £20,000, trees and landscaping £25,000, cables and works around children' play area around £30,000.

All together that came to around £889,000 with contingency costs of £133,000, making it around a million pounds all together.

Cllr Alan Jewell told the committee that he was shocked by the figure.

"It's just unbelievable, the amount of money," he said. "I remember years ago it was about half a million but now it's something else isn't it.

"I can't see us ever getting that unless we are lucky. It's a heck of a lot of money."

Cllr John Spargo wanted to know how much of the project was actually fundable, and if the contractors Maverick were still fundraising.

"I think there are a lot of questions to ask on this," he said. "It's suddenly gone ballistic and way more than ever planned."


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Falmouth mayor Steve Eva said the project wouldn't happen without financial help and he wanted Cornwall Council to step in.

"We can fool ourselves that we can, but it just won't happen without financial help and a lot of financial help from Cornwall Council or other streams of funding.

"To be brutally honest when we first started this, the whole thing was going to cost about quarter of a million and now we are up to a million.

"Somewhere along the line we either get help or it's a dream that we have lost. You don't want to let that go but somewhere along the line we can't keep promising. We're better off telling the people that unless we get funding it isn't happening."

Finance officer Ruth Thomas said the initial prices for the skatepark are as they were and the contract with Maverick did include working with the council to obtain and seek funding from third parties to help.

"What has changed are the ground works on site," she said. "The car park and the road works, the turning circle and everything else that is required to make the site safe to use. That is different element again, that is the cost of required works. The costs of skatepark haven't changed."

Councillors decided to ask the Dracaena Working Party to look at the costs involved.