Cornwall Council is set to draw up a major new plan for the next 30 years – Prosperous Cornwall 2050.

The document will create a “high level spatial strategy” as well as refreshing existing plans for transport, housing, skills and jobs in Cornwall.

A report on the proposals is set to go before the council’s Cabinet tomorrow seeking support from councillors for the new plan.

It states that Prosperous Cornwall 2050 “responds to the need for Cornwall to work together to plan and shape better places”.

A key part of Prosperous Cornwall 2050 will be the Spatial Strategy, which the report explains: “The Spatial Strategy will create a long-term place-based framework for how we want Cornwall and our communities to prosper from now to 2050.

“It will show in broad terms where significant change should happen and how and where it should not. It will enable us to steer the right type of homes, jobs, transport, infrastructure and investment to where it is needed.

“It will set out a shared understanding of potential future change from the impacts of the climate emergency, environmental growth, technology and accessibility, changes to how we want to live and work and the facilities that our communities need to enable them to be sustainable, resilient and to thrive.”

This strategy will use “maps and diagrams to capture the challenges, opportunities and potential solutions for Cornwall, which will inform more detailed plans and strategies over the long-term period”.


The report continues: “There are clear challenges facing communities in Cornwall such as the ongoing housing crisis, rising demand for adult social care services, the need to diversify and turbo-charge our economy, and ensuring that we consider and respond to the needs of children and young people.

“All of this is set against the overriding need to tackle climate change and become carbon neutral. These challenges will form the backbone of the Spatial Strategy, which will indicate the choices and decisions that will be necessary to tackle these issues.”

The report explains some of the things which the council will include in the plan such as the aim of making Cornwall the “first net zero region of the UK”.

Consultation on the spatial strategy is expected to take place in autumn/winter, with a plan for it to be approved by the council by April 2022.

On the transport strategy the council is looking to refresh a document which was agreed in 2011 to ensure it reflects the current needs in Cornwall.

It explains: “The backdrop that the plan sits against has changed with the declaration of a climate change emergency, travel changes since the pandemic, a greater focus on localism and community involvement in local transport, the commitment to deliver more 20mph zones, Healthy Streets, other local strategies and the Government’s build back better agenda including a greater emphasis on walking, cycling and buses.”

Consultation on the transport plan will take place in October to December, including going to the council’s overview and scrutiny committee in October.


Work on the council’s housing strategy has already started due to housing being identified as the main priority for the council due to the current housing crisis.

The council is using the Let’s Talk Homes platform to get views from the public and stakeholders, which will inform the draft strategy which will go to the council’s overview and scrutiny committee next month with an aim of being fully approved by April 2022.

The Local Skills and Labour Market Strategy has been drawn up in a joint project between the council and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The report states: “It is central to our work and will provide us and our partners with the information and intelligence needed to develop a long term, evidence-based response to local business and residents’ employment and skills needs.”