Padstow in Cornwall has been voted number one for Michelin quality meals in the world, with seven Michelin rated restaurants in the town and 57 restaurants in total. 

Three towns in Cornwall were ranked among the top 10 for Michelin quality meals in the UK, according to new research. 

Padstow, St. Ives and Penzance featured in the top 10 at first, second and ninth place respectively.

Popular eateries in Padstow include Rick Stein's Cafe, The Pig and Prawn On The Lawn. 

After Padstow was St Ives, which ranked number two in the UK and ninth in the world.

Options here include Porthmeor Café Bar and Porthminster Beach Cafe. 

The research was complied by insurance company MoneyBeach, who looked at more than 100 towns and cities from around the world to find out how they stacked up when calculating how many restaurants featured in the Michelin Guide vs. the total number of eateries in the city or town. 

Here are the top Michelin quality towns and cities in the UK and the world: 

The 10 Best Cities for Michelin Quality Meals in the UK

  1. Padstow, England
  2. St. Ives, England
  3. Oban, Scotland
  4. Oxford, England
  5. Bath, England
  6. London, England
  7. Cambridge, England
  8. Lichfield, England
  9. Penzance, England
  10. Brighton, England

The 20 Best Cities for Michelin Quality Meals in the World

  1. Padstow, United Kingdom
  2. Cannes, France
  3. Bruges, Belgium
  4. Macau, China
  5. Washington DC, USA
  6. Como, Italy
  7. Calais, France
  8. Hondarribia, Spain
  9. St. Ives, United Kingdom
  10. Brussels, Belgium
  11. Kilkenny, Ireland
  12. San Sebastian, Spain
  13. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  14. Lyon, France
  15. Eindhoven, Netherlands
  16. New York City, USA
  17. Oban, United Kingdom
  18. Paris, France
  19. Copenhagen, Denmark
  20. Venice, Italy