Actress Sue Perkins has urged people to "take care of their eyes" after revealing her father was diagnosed with a brain tumour following a visit to the opticians.

Sue, who splits her time between London and Penzance, recently appeared on BBC Radio Cornwall to talk with Julie Skentelbery about the dangers that come with not getting your eyes checked on a regular basis.

In early 2017, Sue's father Bert Perkins was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, which was originally identified by an optician at his local Specsavers.

He passed away six months later, leaving Sue determined to raise awareness of the importance of optic health.

Sue, 51, explained: "I've been banging the drum for people to get their eyes checked since my father sadly passed away.

"Opticians are there for more than just subscriptions, they can check your eye health for conditions like diabetes and glaucoma.

"For those worried about getting their eyes checked, the new technology feels like nothing more than a sigh over the eyeball.

"People seem to think it's okay to muddle along with blurred vision because they'd rather not be reminded that they're getting old.

"The earlier you can get a diagnosis, the more chance you have of a pain free existence."

As of late, the TV personality has been busy working in London, filming the second series of Hitmen and presenting the first series of Just a Minute.

She recently took over from Nicholas Parsons who presented the panel gaming show for over half a century.

"I very rarely get frightened but I did feel a sense of occasion on the first recording we did," she said.

"Nicholas was a real gentlemen in helping me get to grips with the show and I couldn't thank him enough."