Now that the nights are getting a little shorter and the evenings becoming a little cooler, this week's Packet Camera Club continues this month's 'Film and Book title' theme.

As we approach the start of Autumn, a number of the images and photos submitted by our members are beginning to signify the changing of the season with darker nights and even a pumpkin!

This month's theme has seen a lot of outstanding entries and our selection this week includes the classic John Carpenter horror film - Halloween, as well as Rocky, The Secret Garden and a real life spotting of what appears to be two genuine Ghostbusters!

Honourable mentions this week go to Tina Roberts for her out-of-this-world image of moonlight illuminating a beach at night.

Also getting an honourable mention is Emma Hayman for her view peeking through a Cornish hedge.

Keep on sending in your film and book title pictures for the last week in September before we head into a new month and a new theme!

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