A Cornish theatre has said its latest high-tech addition could well make it 'the cleanest venue in Cornwall' as it looks to reassure guests ahead of the winter season.

The Acorn Theatre in Penzance has recently installed a new air filtration system that is helping it to surpass government guidelines in its efforts to keep the venue clean and guests safe.

With many theatres and venues across Cornwall struggling to stay afloat as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Acorn Theatre is hoping its new high-tech investment will give guests greater piece of mind when visiting the theatre.

Acorn Theatre Manager, Richie Cawley, said: "We thought it was a great idea that we could do to protect people that are coming in, in the best way we can.

"In the main auditorium we have two units running 24/7, and they recirculate the air in there every eight minutes.

"It filtrates particles, like Covid, through a Hepa filter and then through a UV light so that it's clean air coming back in.

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"We've also got another unit done in the lower cabaret bar, near the toilet area, as well.

"The units, at around 2am, will release Ozone, so that all hard surfaces are disinfected and Covid clean when we come in the next day.

"It's just a good thing that we think will give people piece of mind about us putting events on back to back on a Friday and a Saturday.

The Acorn Theatre has said it would also like to get ahead of any potential air quality restrictions that could potentially be brought in over the winter.

Richie continued: "We think we're probably the cleanest indoor venue in Cornwall at the moment.

"We've also got an LCD display which helps us know what the air quality, it also tells us the circulation rate as well as a lot of other information we need to pull out quickly.

"We're as safe as we can be, we socially distance you in your seats whenever we can, you wont share your table at certain events, we want people to have piece of mind really."

For more information on the Acorn Theatre, or to find out what's on, visit: theacornpenzance.com/whats-on/