Police have urged people to "behave sensibly" after motorists queuing for fuel has lead to issues on roads across Cornwall and Devon, which could impact on emergency services.

The force has reiterated the message that there is no fuel shortage and no need to panic buy.

It is after parts of both Cornwall and Devon saw chaos at fuel stations on Friday as a result of people panic-buying fuel, despite repeated messages from both the government and motoring organisations that there was not a problem with fuel getting through, and to "carry on as normal."

The issue is thought to have stemmed from national reports on Thursday evening that BP had closed a "handful" of its stations due to a shortage of HGV drivers.

As motorists began queuing for fuel 'just in case', others joined the line and as a result some stations had run out entirely.

The roundabout to Asda Penryn was described as "bedlam" with people queuing, while by 5pm Helston's Texaco had a sign up saying it had run out of fuel and every pump was closed off.

However, it seemed to depend on where you were in Cornwall as to how people responded, with Penzance Tesco described as "rammed" yet Texaco in St Erth was "empty."

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Now Devon and Cornwall Police have issued a statement this lunchtime, as long queues continue for a second day, causing congestions on roads that the force said could have an impact on emergency services.

A spokesperson said: "Communities in Devon and Cornwall are being reminded that there is no fuel shortage in either county – and there is no need to panic buy.

"Concerns about a shortage of fuel have led to an increase in the number of motorists visiting filling stations.

"This has caused queues and congestion on some roads, which can cause delays to other motorists and have an impact on critical and emergency services.

"The current situation will not impact on the service Devon and Cornwall Police provides to our communities.

"We are calling for the public to behave sensibly and not panic buy."