In this week's round-up plans are afoot for Falmouth's Christmas lights and another crazy' week for the deputy mayor

"Yet another busy week with several meetings with both Universities and receiving up to date on the return of Students and the routines for safe return to face to face classes and Covid testing. The Universities are well organised and left me much happier to know the plans they have, writes Falmouth mayor Steve Eva.

"We've had Meetings to cover the running of the Princess Pavilion which is a gradual way forward but at each stage there is a well planned and considered future.

"We are advanced in the Christmas Plans and are very hopeful of running a Winter Weekend and of course our Christmas Lights switch on but the details of this will be released by the Town Team when finalised.

"My usual walkabouts took place and I’m sure the visitor numbers are still extremely high which coincides with the return of the students and their families so remember to social distance and respect people’s space because the colder and wet times will help Covid spread if we are not careful.

"Sunday afternoon I visited the Pavilion for the Big Green Day which saw lots of people gain knowledge from many different stalls about green issues well done Zoe Young one of our new councillors who put the day together.

"Never a quiet week in Falmouth as you can see."

Meanwhile deputy mayor Kirstie Edwards writes: "Another week, another crazy load of new experiences for me. As ever lots of casework in the background and seemingly endless emails organising and implementing projects that we are working on. We have booked in our police reporting training- if you recall I passed a motion in full council to allow us to become third part reporters to the police on behalf of citizens.

"I felt this was an added extra that we can offer as councillors and staff to the community, when they come to us at their most vulnerable. Im delighted that we have had a such a positive uptake within the council and that we are ready to progress this and my ‘Falmouth together’ project further.

I also attended my first civic event- basically events where we are in formal wear with invited guests- in this case a parade through town, followed by a church service to recognise Falmouth’s relationship to the sea- ‘sea Sunday’. I met lots of lovely people from all walks of life and must confess to once more feeling like a total imposter!

"How did I get here, and why would anybody be interested in what I have to say? One of my dear cousins often tells me ‘fake it til you make it’- I think this applies in all sorts of new roles- jobs, parenting, public service. It’s all new and as such everyone is likely to feel a little out of their depth and uncertain. All you can do is try your best, be kind, be respectful and responsible and hope for the best!

"We have also been dealing with some tricky projects and news, that im sure you will become aware of in the next few weeks. Its overwhelming at times to have such responsibility on my shoulders, but I keep coming back to this. I’m here to listen to the community, speak for the community and when I don’t know clearly what the community wants, to ask them. This role and my votes on our action as a council, aren’t about what I want or what other councillors want- they should always be about what the community want and need.

"To that end as always, please share with me your hopes and dreams for the town and make sure you participate in any public consultation we have. Its so important that we are guided by you, the people."

As the days get shorter, please stay well and safe, look after each other and always be kind.