Falmouth's Penwerris Ward is the poorest in Cornwall and has the highest number of one parent families, according to a new report.

Commissioned by the West Cornwall Initiative, the report was produced by the research team from the School of Policy Studies at Bristol University and produces some startling facts about the Falmouth ward, which includes the Old Hill estate and Greenbank areas.

It claims Penwerris has the highest number of children living in households with with no adult in employment at 38 per cent.

One parent families were also top of the list with 21 per cent of children living with lone parents. The report does however claim Penwerris has the the second highest number of home owners in the county with 55.2 per cent of people being owner occupiers.

Unemployment figures show that at 15.3 per cent, Penwerris has the highest number of adults out of work. The report shows that 52.3 per cent of homes in Penwerris do not have central heating - the second highest in the country, and the area is ranked in the top five for overcrowding, meanwhile 47.5 per cent of residents do not own a car.

Falmouth Packet:

A DECISION is expected shortly on where the Falmouth Penryn Community hospital, expected to be up an running by 1999, is to be built.

The decision on who is to provide the hospital should be made within the next two months. The deadline for tenders expired on Monday, but it is not known how many of the three trusts approached bt the health authority have responded.

It was back in February the health authority invited the Cornwall healthcare trust, the Exeter Community Trust and the Plymouth Community Trust to submit tenders .

The new hospital is expected to cost several million pounds to build and the site has yet to be identified. The existing Falmouth Hospital site could be used but the decision will be up to the trust which wins the contract.

Shoppers in Falmouth were left scurrying for cover as two large rats were seen in the main shopping area.

The rats were seen trying to escape people at 5pm as people were making their way home from work.

One eyewitness said: "I was coming out of Boots going towards the corner and I saw them. They were running a nd jumping to get away from people," she said.

One of the rats then hid in the shadows of a nearby pub sign while the other tried to dodge the public.