People living in Prislow Fields had a rude awakening in the early hours of this morning when a 'mini-tornado' tore through the estate.

Residents of the estate in Falmouth were woken by torrential rain which battered the area as strong winds swirled around the street.

Cars and homes had their windows smashed, fences were ripped out of the ground and the contents of peoples' gardens were dumped all over the road. One section of fence even ended up on top of a car

One resident told the Packet she had been woken up by a horrendous noise and all the items in her front garden had been swirled around.

Falmouth Packet:

She even ended up with a trampoline in her back garden and she had no idea whose it was.


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She said car alarms went off and the rain was hammering it down. She said it lasted about ten minutes.

"It was just bizarre. It was just carnage out there." She said first thing there was a car with a section of fence on it.

Falmouth Packet:

The 'mini-tornado' ripped up fences and dumped garden furniture all over the place 

Another resident Lee Webb said the freak weather had caused a lot of damage in a short space of time.

"At ten to three I was woken up by a massive loud bang and I thought somebody was trying to break in, but I didn't see anything.

"When I came down this morning my washing line was broken and tilted over on its side.

"My fence was pulled over and next door had a trampoline in their garden.

"That trampoline is missing from the other side of the estate. Fences have been uprooted and their concrete posts pulled out of the ground. Car windows have been smashed.

Falmouth Packet:

The 'mini-tornado' ripped up fences and dumped garden furniture all over the place 

"Everybody's saying it must have been a mini-tornado.When I looked out of my window I couldn't see anything because of the torrential rain."

She said at least three cars had been damaged and one window on a house had been ripped open and damaged.

Sanctuary Housing, who own some of the homes effected have been contacted for a comment.