A well-known pastor has retired this week from a Baptist church in Falmouth.

Sunday (Sep 26) saw Charles Blizzard preaching his last sermon as Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church , Falmouth .

With his wife Mary, the couple arrived in 1996 with four young children who have now grown up and left home.

Mary and Charles have seven grandchildren.

The celebrations for the day consisted of a family service with gifts from the fellowship ranging from a motorised golf caddy to a Fulham supporters bobble hat.

Following this we enjoyed a sit down meal together, which was such a treat after the lockdown restrictions of last year.

Falmouth Packet: Charles was celebrated by his Church group last Sunday (Sep 26). Charles was celebrated by his Church group last Sunday (Sep 26).

In the afternoon the church group enjoyed a ‘retirement retrospective’ showing video clips of Charles ‘early days at Emmanuel playing rock guitar and drums!

Although he loves music and was, in a previous life, the accountant for ‘The Who’ Charles loves talking to people about Jesus.

Several people shared their life stories with us explaining how, when they had been wanting to find out about Jesus, Charles had been able to explain to them about becoming a Christian in a very clear way so that they had gone on to be baptised and joined the church.

Many lives over the years have been transformed because of conversation with Charles and his ability to point people to Jesus, who brings hope and help in all sorts of situation .

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Charles and Mary will continue to live in Falmouth, but will no doubt welcome not being on call 24 hours a day in the manse which is the obvious place to call if you have forgotten your church keys or the boiler in the church isn’t working !

We of course will miss him very much.

Looking around the congregation it was hard to see anyone who Charles has not helped, married, dedicated their children, been with them through the loss of loved ones or baptised them when they wanted to follow Jesus

A spokesperson for the fellowship of Emmanuel said: "Charles says a Pastor is a shepherd who looks after his sheep.

"Guides them to good food and water, helps them when they are weak and protects them if an enemy threatens them.

Falmouth Packet: Charles and his wife, Mary, will continue to live in FalmouthCharles and his wife, Mary, will continue to live in Falmouth

"Charles has done all this for us over the last 25 year.

"As he steps down ,pray with us , that God will send a new shepherd who is just as good with sheep or at least willing to learn from Jesus who said , I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep ( John 10v11 ).

"Good bye Charles, we will miss you.

"You go with our blessing and our love."

If you’d like to know more about the church or about being introduced to Jesus you can find us at www. Emmanuelbaptistchurchfalmouth.co.uk