Biscuit and beer lovers will be pleased to hear that a new limited edition beer combining the two is set to launch next weekend.

A new, limited-edition beer made with Lotus Biscoff biscuits and spread will be released next month as part of a collaboration between two microbreweries – The Driftwood Spars Brewery in St Agnes, Cornwall, and Fallen Acorn Brewing Co. in Gosport, Hampshire.

The small batch release of just 800 litres is a hefty 10% ABV and was made using over 2,000 of the famous biscuits – loved for their unique caramelised taste - plus a significant amount of Lotus Biscoff spread.

Not surprisingly, it’s described as ‘sweet, malty and loaded with silky caramel.’

The beer, which will be available in can, cask and keg from a limited number of outlets, is called Niflheim Imperial Biscoff Stout, and the striking monochrome label belies its seductively sweet contents.

Falmouth Packet: NiflheimNiflheim

Mike Mason, Head Brewer at The Driftwood Spars Brewery where the beer was brewed, said: "We’ve got a great relationship with Fallen Acorn.

"As breweries we share a very similar ethos, brewing both traditional and contemporary beers with a mindset for innovation and experimentation.

"Lead Brewer Felix Granell and I both worked at the Brewhouse and Kitchen chain of brewpubs, albeit at different sites, so we had a similar beginning to our brewing careers and have parallel views on the future of brewing."

"We decided to collaborate on two beers which would push the boundaries of our respective brew kits – the first of which is Niflheim, a beer we brewed over two days and four very sticky mash cycles.

Falmouth Packet: Fallen AcornFallen Acorn

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"I actually brewed a lower ABV Biscoff coffee caramel stout a few years back in collaboration with an excellent pub called The Dog in Burton on Trent.

"It went down really well, so we decided to revive and adapt the idea for the first leg of the collaboration."

The beer will be launched at simultaneous events in Cornwall and Portsmouth; Red Elephant Beer Cellars in Truro, and Fallen Acorn’s own Taproom in Gosport will be opening kegs and casks of the sweet stuff on October 9.

Following the official launch, cans of Niflheim will be available direct from both breweries and via a small number of independent beer cellars in Cornwall and beyond; it will also be on sale at The Driftwood Spars brewpub in Trevaunance Cove.

Felix of Fallen Acorn said: "We’re really pleased with the result of our first collaboration with The Driftwood.

Falmouth Packet: Felix GranellFelix Granell

"It was a brilliant way for both of our teams to meet for the first time, and we got the chance to enjoy the amazing Trevaunance Cove - plus the beer isn’t bad either!

"Now we're really looking forward to getting part two brewed here in Gosport with input from the boys in Cornwall.

"The beer will be a highly hopped New England IPA, using the English hops which The Driftwood Spars Brewery is renowned for sourcing."

Niflheim will be available online on or after October 9.

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